The Company disclaims all liability and confirms that it will not, under all conditions, entertain any appeal for a return of any request made on


The operation or method of exchanging the Company’s services for any other services rendered by the Company is referred to as ‘Exchange.’ After putting an order for a course on the website, but before accessing and availing the course, the User may request an Exchange of Course with another course accessible on the platform. The Company will provide an intimation to the User requesting either “Exchange” or “Replacement,” and the User will receive clarification of the replacement.


The User can request for an exchange before accessing the course online on the platform of the User. If the Company disagrees an exchange request due to non-technical issue, the User can file a dispute. We encourage the User to review the course and its subjective nature before making the request to avail such services. The User needs to raise the exchange request within 7 days from availing the course online.